We uncover the reasons that the client has for investing, we get to grips with the expectations and needs of the investor.
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We use technology to interact with our customers, this allows us to deliver products to our customers with speed and clarity on both sides. For transparency, we send the recording of the presentations for the customer to review at their leisure.

We present solutions to our investors via our online presentation which solves a financial issue. We then help our clients through the investment process. Finally, we end with a financial plan for future investments.
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At WealthStream we want the process of investing to be easy, we look to cover all the concerns of the Investor and help them feel comfortable with their decision.

We challenge the conventional way we’ve all been treated when considering investing in property. Using our personal experiences, we have developed an online personal investment service, which is built entirely around your individual expectations.

Traditional buy-to-let investments allow the investor to received rental income and the possibility of capital appreciation over time. The returns offered by all of our developers are more than any current U.K savings account.

Commercial property allows for diversification within a property portfolio. The benefits of commercial property allow for longer time line of investment and security the of consistent third-party management.

Student accommodation allows investors to have a foothold in the student market which traditionally holds strong. The under-supply and the demand for student housing makes this asset class interesting whilst providing steady returns.

Resort Investment often, whilst providing good returns allows the client to have personal usage which is often a draw for investors who like to relax, play golf or have a family holiday.

Sure, dealing with your investment options can be intimidating. Because Investments don’t often come with care.
That’s why - Finding people who will care for your money as much as you do is one of the most difficult things to achieve as an investor.
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Step 1
Discover the issue from the initial discussion about the needs of the client, understanding their expectation and what it is they are ultimately looking for.
Step 3
Using technology, we go through the product choices via our online presentation and send the client the recording for them to review.
Step 2
Develop a working relationship to work with the client to narrow down the selection of products so it gets the desired outcome.
Step 4
Having found a product that suites the client’s needs, we then help them with the purchase process and finally give them a financial plan around their future investments.


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